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We currently use both Applicant Pool and Selective Hiring from Performance Services, Inc. The integration of these two sources has immensely streamlined our hiring process and has ultimately led us to a wider, more qualified pool of applicants. From the beginning, Performance Services worked diligently to fine-tune our applicant benchmarks and testing to ensure the applicants had a similar skill set to our current employees. Performance Services worked with us every step of the way answering questions and providing solutions to our ever-changing hiring process.
— Kim Norris // Vice President of Administration Glastender, Inc.


On the scheduling page, we want photos and brief bios on these people (only), in order, with this scheduling link: (Photos are on the current website, except for Jordan Ledford who isn’t on the current site, here's his pic. Photos from the current site can be cropped as needed…it’s not a beauty contest, but just a way for people to recognize who they may have already talked with.

John W. Howard, Ph.D.

Founder, over 40 years of successful business experience, assessment expert.

Michele Howard, B.S.

20 years of assessment and hiring science experience, online hiring system expert.

Jim Howard, Ph.D.

Over 40 years of successful sales management experience, strategic thinker, assessment expert. 

Jordan Ledford, M.S.

Over 8 years of Strategic Account Management at Profiles International, data glutton, selection and assessment expert.