Over three decades, I’ve served on the staff of a 4-star admiral in the Navy, helped launch new businesses at Hewlett-Packard, served as CFO and General Manager of a family business, and now devote what I’ve learned to helping businesses, and the people in them, thrive. Constantly learning along the way, I’ve also invested time and effort in formal learning settings: A Bachelor’s degree from Davidson College, and Masters of Business Administration from Duke University.  I now apply that experience and education to help my clients improve the performance of their people, and, thus, the performance of their business.



My passions are growth, people, and making a difference in the lives of others. Throughout my career, every leader I've worked with has had one thing in common -- they all wanted to get their organization somewhere else; they wanted to be bigger, better, faster, stronger. In three decades in a variety of industries and companies both large and small, I learned that people are at the heart of every process, system, innovation, implementation, and interaction; growth can only happen through people. In fact, sustainable, profitable growth only comes from putting the right people in the right roles and managing them as individuals based on the best information and data about what makes them tick – and that’s what I love to do!

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