I majored in psychology at the University of Kentucky because I truly love understanding why people do what they do and learning how individuals grow and prosper. I began with Xerox Corporation in Chicago, and later transferred to Portland, Oregon. After 18 years at Xerox, I began selling custom, corporate web-based training programs to large organizations. It felt so great to be back feeding my original passion: developing great employees.

I was introduced to Profiles assessments through a friend of mine who was a Performance Resources client. The solutions were so compelling and effective! That was nearly seven years ago, and I have never looked back. I relocated to Auburn, CA, near Sacramento, for new adventures while continuing to build in Portland and beyond. I love having my business focused on helping organizations do a better job: Hiring top performers, coaching employees to greater levels of success, developing leadership teams and streamlining hiring processes using technology and statistically valid assessment tools.


I've enjoyed taking what I learned from working in a large corporate structure (Xerox) to smaller, more entrepreneurial employers. I've seen time and time again, from both the job seeker's and the employer's perspectives, that having the right person in the right job helps both thrive and be as successful as possible. Trying to be someone you aren't just doesn't work, and results in burnout and failure. I feel great about helping both my clients and their people avoid that kind of mistake. 

I love what I do, and look forward to helping you tackle the challenges you face, hiring and optimizing the talents of your employees. Call me at (530) 878-5690, and let’s get started!


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