I’ve always had a passion for solving people problems. Since leaving the University of Oregon with a Ph.D. in Social and Organizational Psychology, my real classroom has been the world of business. I have been fortunate to build a broad base of successful experiences with management positions in several different industries. This combination of education and business challenges has made me uniquely qualified to help my clients.  


I have made it my mission to make it easier for my clients to hire, keep, and manage better employees. Without obligation, I listen to and learn from each client’s unique challenges and recommend proven solutions. Common results from our recommendations include reduced turnover, reduced overhead, better candidates for each position, and increased sales. It is within every client’s reach to improve their bottom line AND sleep better at night. Stop worrying about employees, and enjoy your success!

We have a long, consistent history of success with companies like yours.  Of course, I am most excited about helping to create a success story for you and your company.  Let’s schedule 30 minutes. Call me today at 541-525-1378, or email

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