I founded Performance Resources in 2000 to help our clients make their businesses more profitable. We provide our clients with tools to help make better decisions about their people; from hiring to management, people decisions determine the success or failure of every business. 

From earning my Eagle Scout rank, through experience as a combat medic in Viet Nam, to earning my Ph.D. in Social and Organizational Psychology at the University of Oregon, to my decades of entrepreneurial experience, my focus has always been on people. What makes them tick; what makes them successful, what makes them productive, what makes them leaders, what makes them fail? 


It took me years to figure out the key success with your people: skills can be acquired, but fit for the job determines success! In America, we hire for skills, and fire for lack of fit. 

Since 2000, our clients have enjoyed remarkable success, based on results that we can prove: Our clients hire better, fire less, make more profit, and sleep better at night!  Our business has grown almost entirely on the strength of client referrals. 


Invest an hour of your time in talking with us, and we'll produce a plan to improve your business profitability. If you decide to follow our plan, we'll provide a money-back guarantee of the results we promise. You have nothing to lose, and a great deal to gain! Call me today, at 801-709-3830, and we'll talk.

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