I left a 10-year career as a successful real estate broker to join Performance Resources in 2002. I have always liked solving problems. Provide me with your challenge: I like to come up with the best possible solution. The scenarios are always different, and intriguing. My career choices have always revolved around helping others maneuver around obstacles. I am driven to help others succeed by identifying their challenges, making them my own, and facilitating the best possible outcome. 

My Favorite Part of my Job:

My favorite part of my job is witnessing the change that occurs after my clients start using our tools. Sometimes, when I first meet a business team they can be frustrated, overwhelmed, and disorganized. Once we choose the appropriate products and create a plan for implementation, I watch my client embrace the system and morph into an organized, efficient and productive team, sometimes with extra time on their hands to work on new projects they would have never had time to do before. It is incredibly rewarding.  


So, how can I help your company? We offer no-risk demos and trials of all of our products. Please call me at 541-935-5838. I would be happy to put you in touch with any one of my current or past clients, who can tell you firsthand how we have solved their HR challenges.

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