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An easy-to-use, affordable, incredibly intuitive hiring software, mobile-friendly and designed for small to medium sized businesses!

ApplicantPool is an easy-to-use, incredibly intuitive hiring software. It’s designed for small to medium sized organizations that want to maximize their time and money, while attracting and selecting amazing talent. Mobile-friendly, automatic online postings, customized pre-screening questions, easy applicant tracking. It has everything you need, and nothing that you don’t need, to improve your hiring process!

The way we see it, at ApplicantPool we have 2 jobs: The first one is to make hiring easier for you; the second one is to make you look like a rockstar to your boss, your department and those that you hire! With ample customer feedback, we have designed our hiring software to be intuitive and easy-to-use while still giving you all the tools that you need in order to have an organized, trackable, screenable, and sizeable applicant pool. We’ve also priced it well below any system we know of with comparable power and flexibility.

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SelectiveHiring (SH)

An efficient, flexible, and affordable pre-screening assessment.

SelectiveHiring was developed as, and is best as, an efficient and affordable pre-screener. Its principal advantage, and something that differentiates it from virtually every other prescreening assessment, is its purposeful flexibility. It allows us to assemble a pre-screening instrument customized for your specific needs and interests. For example, the basic concept of an honesty-integrity pre-screener is one set of scales in SelectiveHiring, and there's general agreement that any business will benefit from pre-screening for honesty-integrity attitudes. Your specific job, however, might also require intense teamwork; we can assess for that by adding our "Team Player" scale to the core honesty-integrity scales. Your job may need a speciflc level of supervisory skills; we have a scale for that. Safety? Rules Compliance? Attention to Detail? These, and the rest of the 44 scales can provide what you need, job by job.

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Available as a stand-alone assessment system, or fully integrated with the ApplicantPool system.