Proof from our Clients 

We first purchased the online hiring system two years ago, and then followed shortly thereafter with implementing the job fit assessment system. Both were first-time purchases for our business and are now integral parts of HR’s talent acquisition process. The affordable systems offer plenty of flexibility and administrative report features for our mid-size company.
We’ve hired 16 staff for 14 positions using the assessment. The positions range from Administrative Technician to District Sales Manager to Product Engineer to Director of Operations. All 16 hires have proven very effective in their roles. The hiring managers also use the reports as a valuable tool to help them onboard and manage the new hires more effectively.
— A steel casting business // M.C. CEO
Thank you for providing both a great selection tool and expert professional advice on how to leverage the information for our purposes. We are a nationwide firm of partners who offer strategic financial guidance and solutions for mid-market businesses. We recruit some of the highest-achieving financial professionals in the country to join our firm as partners and help them build their own successful consulting practices. We know from experience that besides education and intellect, there are many behavior traits that help determine whether this opportunity is the right fit for potential partners.
We heard about Performance Resources and the powerful recruiting assessment from some of our partners last year and decided to try it. After hiring a new partner, we are able to help insure success by conducting an interview to help us fit the new partner with the right coach, provide the coach information on areas to be aware of that may cause frustration or discouragement if not addressed, and any real positives we want to capitalize upon from the first day.
— Professional Services firm // L.J. Partner Recruiter