"On a completely different note……we terminated Mary today.  Next time I tell you I’m going to hire someone who the model suggests I don’t hire, you’ll need to kick me in the kneecaps!"
-Michael, President in Portland, OR

We receive a lot of great compliments from our clients. This is one of our favorites.  We offer powerful tools that make a big impact (please note that we are not in the habit of actually kicking any of our clients in the knee):

"We have set up several job templates which now means placing an ad for an open position is streamlined from 30 to less than 5 minutes. We are able to have the applicant complete the Step One Survey which has had a huge impact on time savings by not interviewing applicants that don’t meet minimum criteria. The questions the survey provides for interviews has also been very useful.
I was very impressed with how easy the system is to learn and use. I have been able to train an assistant to take on 90% of the hiring process, a benefit I have never been able to enjoy before ApplicantPool.
I am also impressed with the ability to e-mail status updates to the applicants, making Stack look very professional."
Controller/HR Manager


"In 2009 we were using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of candidate information during the recruiting process. As we began to undergo rapid growth, we found ourselves struggling to manage candidates and maintain the kind of high-touch experience we wanted to achieve….
I found it [ApplicantPool] to be a remarkably feature-rich solution at a price that a smaller company like ours could afford. We dumped the old solution and implemented ApplicantPool. They provided a jobs landing page that we could design which made our interface far more professional. We loved the ability to build in screening questions and to have a consolidated view of answers that made it easy to screen out unqualified candidates.
We got great information from the candidate source reporting on what recruiting methods were generating the most qualified applicants, and messaging capabilities allowed us to stay in touch with candidates in a way that was very quick and easy to administer yet gave the candidates a personalized feel….
I highly recommend this solution to any company that wants an effective ATS solution that is reasonably priced. It has been a great asset to us as we have grown our recruiting capabilities."
Director, Human Resources

"We first purchased the ApplicantPool (ATS} two years ago, and then followed shortly thereafter with implementing the PXT job fit assessment system. Both were first-time purchases for our business and are now integral parts of HR's talent acquisition process. The affordable systems offer plenty of flexibility and administrative report features for our mid-size company.

We've hired 16 staff for 14 positions using the assessment. The positions range from Administrative Technician to District Sales Manager to Product Engineer to Director of Operations. All 16 hires have proven very effective in their roles. The hiring managers also use the reports as a valuable tool to help them manage the new hires more effectively.

While the systems are robust and valuable, the large differentiator is the benefit of having Jan as a calm and knowledgeable resource -from building a business case for purchase to set up to utilization. It helps that she appreciates that HR /if~ can be so chaotic. My HR team really enjoys working with Jan since she makes the use and understanding of the systems so easy for us. Jan patiently trained us and didn't mind answering the same question again when it came up months later and our notes didn't make sense. She's always available for a quick call. As a result, over time we've gotten more comfortable designing each profile and interpreting the assessment results. And her internal IT support team is as responsive as she is.

We're so pleased that she helped our HR department create a professional and dynamic experience for our candidates. And we have a strong management assessment tool that has proven itself- even with our engineering managers! Both are definitely value-added purchases with the ROI showing in quick and strong hires."

Columbia Steel Casting, Co., Inc.
Director of Human Resources

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