“I Was Able to Train an Assistant to Take on 90% of the Hiring Process"

I wanted to pass on to you the impact of our using the iApplicants has had on our hiring process.
We have set up several job templates which now means placing an ad for an open position is streamlined from 30 to less than 5 minutes. We are able to have the applicant complete the Step One Survey which has had a huge impact on time savings by not interviewing applicants that don’t meet minimum criteria. The questions the survey provides for interviews has also been very useful.
I was very impressed with how easy the system is to learn and use. I have been able to train an assistant to take on 90% of the hiring process, a benefit I have never been able to enjoy before iApplicants.
I am also impressed with the ability to e-mail status updates to the applicants, making Stack look very professional.
There are many other benefits the system will provide for us in tracking applicants and hires, I look forward to implementing those steps into our hiring process.
I have already recommended iApplicants to another business associate and will continue to pass on our pleasure with the system to others.
— Kendra Nelson // Controller/HR Manager

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