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Simple Behavioral Screeners

✓ Will they show up?
✓ Will they be honest?
✓ Will they work hard?
✓ Will they accept supervision?
✓ Will they follow rules?


More Complex Behavioral Screeners

✓ Will they be safe?
✓ How energetic are they?
✓ Do they like to help?
✓ Do they like to solve problems?
✓ Are they a team player?


Can They Do YOUR Job?

✓ Can they think in 3D?
✓ Can they sell?
✓ Are they good at math?
✓ Do they attend to detail?
✓ Are they creative?



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Proof from our Clients 


We receive a lot of great compliments from our clients. These are sone of our favorites. We offer powerful tools that make a big impact

We currently use both Applicant Pool and Selective Hiring from Performance Services, Inc. The integration of these two sources has immensely streamlined our hiring process and has ultimately led us to a wider, more qualified pool of applicants. From the beginning, Performance Services worked diligently to fine-tune our applicant benchmarks and testing to ensure the applicants had a similar skill set to our current employees. Performance Services worked with us every step of the way answering questions and providing solutions to our ever-changing hiring process.
— Kim Norris // Vice President of Administration Glastender, Inc.
On a completely different note......we terminated Mary today. Next time I tell you I’m going to hire someone who the model suggests I don’t hire, you’ll need to kick me in the kneecaps!
— Michael // President, Mortgage Brokerage in Portland, OR

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