“It has streamlined and accelerated our hiring process dramatically…”

As you know, we have been using the online hiring system for all of our hiring for several years, now. I am writing this to let you know how pleased we are with the system, and what it has accomplished for us.

Overall, it has streamlined and accelerated our hiring process dramatically, more than paying for itself by just eliminating the cost of additional secure filing space that would otherwise have been necessary to store the paper applications. (I’m sure we’ve saved some trees, too!)

It has provided a consistent hiring process, ensuring that every applicant completes the necessary assessments as part of the application, and allowing us to have the assessment results available to the hiring managers before they begin any interview process. Finally, the system itself has been very reliable, with no detectable downtime, and we’ve never been asked to pay for any of your continuous upgrades.

Overall, we would be hard pressed to find anything but positives regarding the online hiring system!
— Kevin Thorstenson // General Manager

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