"We were struggling with lack of skilled labor available…”

Our company has a huge job in San Diego, CA that three of our five divisions are working on for a contractor that we have an established, long term relationship with. We were struggling with accelerated schedules and lack of skilled labor available, and were in danger of hurting our long standing relationship. Within two days of acquiring your services, we had hired four applicants, and continued to hire qualified skilled labor to accommodate the schedule. This job was scheduled for five year duration, and the contractor accelerated this schedule to two year duration. All of our divisions on this job are currently using your services with better than satisfactory results. The response time from our solutions provider, Michele Howard, has been incredible and has completely turned this job around for our company. To date, we have had well over 100 applicants and have hired more than 40. We are currently using your services in three markets and the potential is limitless.
— Thomas W. Marshall // Division supervisor

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